Paul Mah and the Drifting Boats

Paul Mah is a Folk and Country singer/songwriter from Central Victoria, Australia. The latest EP ‘YES’ with musical entourage The Drifting Boats is his response to God’s call on his life.

Paul Mah and The Drifting Boats represents an evolution of Mah’s unique style and folksy tunes, a return to his roots. A seasoned musician who has played clubs, festivals, cafes and worship events, Mah says “‘Yes’ is about redirection, it is about obedience, it is about saying ‘Yes’ to God’s call on your life.”

The latest EP was born out of a distinct call to write and record new material, to set down six tracks and to wait on God for the team to assemble. And assemble they did with Paul Mah on Guitar, Dobro, Harmonica and Vocals, Rachael Clugstan on Vocals and Percussion, Dan Watson on Drums, Percussion and Vocals, Maxine Goodwin on Piano, Glockenspiel and vocals, Justin Gray on Lead Guitar and Vocals and Lachie Searle on Bass and vocals.

Paul Mah says he has felt God’s hand gathering the band, choosing a mixer and identifying the direct of the artwork. His desire is that people would be blessed as they listen to “Yes”, that they would be united and they would know joy. With tracks like Joy and Awe and Wonder, Mah’s lyrics inspire us to worship and praise God that gives abundantly. “You deserve it all, You deserve all praises.”

This musician has an authentic presence on stage, inviting his audience to participate in the music and respond with their heart. Mah’s candid storytelling style engages and exhorts his listeners to worship. He draws from his creative experience as a Graphic Designer, teacher, husband and father to speak of God’s work in his life and his call to obedience and faith.

“We are ready to serve Him and meet His people, locally, nationally and internationally. If He calls we are ready to say, Yes,” says lead singer Paul Mah.

Paul Mah and The Drifting Boats offers an inspiring, uplifting worship experience that will draw your community together in worship, in music.

His band The Drifting Boats completes the lineup with
Dan Watson on drums, Rachael Clugston on vocals and percussion, Lachie Searle on bass, Justin Gray on lead guitar and Maxine Goodwin twinkling the ivory.

The single “The Joy” is an uplifting praise song, expressing the undeniable, overflowing joyful feeling when expressing love for the Lord.

The latest EP Yes by singer and songwriter Paul Mah and The Drifting Boats, reflects our journey through life as God guides and directs us.

Awe and Wonder
Designed to incite the listener to worship, this upbeat folk song extols the idea that God is most glorified when we worship him and stand in awe of our Maker. The bridge “you deserve it all, you deserve all praises” is a personal anthem that should be shouted from the mountain tops.

The Joy
In John’s Gospel (10:10) we are encouraged to think of God as the giver of life, a life of abundance. This joy in a full life is a reflection of God at work in all areas of our daily life; nothing is left to chance; he knows us intimately. To be known is to be full of real JOY.

Dead Weight
We have all felt weighed down and burdened by life. We forget that there is freedom from the burden of fear, busyness, conflict in relationships, a hectic career, a demanding school schedule. In Jesus’ death and resurrection there is a promise of the weight being lifted, of forgiveness, redemption and salvation.

Life is constantly changing. Whether it is like the gentle turning of Autumn leaves, the dark, grey clouds of a Winter day or the hope of Springtime, we all experience Seasons. Each season, reminds us of the tender, constant love of the Holy Spirit that we can experience when we call on Him.

Hold Me
This song is written from a place of brokenness and fragility. It urges us to seek God as he holds us, embraces and reassure us in His loving arms. God is gracious and will hold on to us even we are feeling far away.

This is a song of adoration. Simple and true, “I simply adore you, King Jesus.” This is a declaration of our heart, to adore our living and loving God.

“A delightful, moving EP that reconnects us to the Joy of serving our God.”

“Great Folksy tunes that move my body, mind and spirit.”
“Simply joyous. Yes, is what I have been longing for. Real music. Real life.”




Anchor and Kings is a christian indie rock band, writing worship tunes. 2015 saw the release of the AK ep and was release world-wide.



Solo folk country tunes

After years in a rock band in 2006 Paul decided to mellow it out a little and release a solo folk country ep under the monika Goodbye Stereo. The single Sick and Tired gained airplay on national radio network Triple J.


Recently becoming obsessed with electronic music, Paul has started to live stream DJ sets form his home studio, Two Horse Studio.